To Carve or Not to Carve

It's almost time for us to purchase our pumpkins for Halloween decorations and every year we struggle to decide whether we will paint or carve our pumpkins. The kids enjoy the fun of cleaning out the pumpkins guts as we call it and enjoy the roasted seeds, but I hate the mess and find that pumpkins are more susceptible to the elements and rot faster. I prefer painting my pumpkins, they last much longer and if I don't like it, I can basecoat the whole thing and repaint.

Here are some pretty painted pumpkins from Good Housekeeping

Here are gorgeous carved pumpkins also from Good Housekeeping

What do you prefer? Carving or Painting?


  1. I think carved pumpkins look cooler and more halloween but I grew up carving. I hate the process of carving and would be more inclined to actually paint today though.

  2. I like how pretty carved pumpkins are when they are lit up at night, but painted ones are pretty all the time and don't have as much mess. Better yet, instead of getting out paints, I give the kids markers to draw on their pumpkins...less mess and they still have a blast. :)