Stained Glass by Maddy7

I wanted to share with you all this extremely beautiful piece of stained glass art that I found in one of my favorite shops Glass Act Stained Glass by Maddy7 Not only is it a stunning piece of art, the subject matter, the Iris flower has special meaning to me.
Stained Glass Iris by Maddy7

This beautiful piece was a labor of love for the artist, it took her about 12-14 hours to complete. Maddy shared a little about the process with me:
"After the pattern is drawn, the glass has to be cut, the rough edges have to be ground off, then each piece has to be wrapped in a copper foil, when all the pieces are done, all the copper seams are soldered, (also known as the Tiffany Method). Then, clean the piece and a glass wax is applied."

Maddy lives in Wisconsin and has been working with stain glass for over 20 years. She is a true artist and master of her craft. I encourage you to visit her shop and browse, I'm sure you'll find something you like. I am happy to own two of her christmas ornaments and hope that someone in my family might be inspired to buy me this gorgeous piece..lol


  1. oh, I am an avid stained glass collector...I love maddy's shop as well, and hope to buy from her shop as soon as I can.

  2. I purchased some tulip suncatchers for my friend from www.maddy7.etsy.com and I can tell you her work is fantastic!!! I would highly encourage anyone that is looking for stained glass to give Maddy's shop a look-see!!

  3. Lovely piece of stain glass work. I too am very fond of the Iris flower, it is a beautiful flower, very different from the frilly rose, carnation, or peony.
    I will have to check out Maddy's shop as I am also rather fond of sunlight shinning through lovely pieces of stained glass.

  4. Beautiful work. I love stained glass, and this piece is gorgeous. Love the color!


  5. Beautiful!

    I found you through the Etsy forums and am now following your blog. Best of luck to you!