The Tin Foil Cap

Due to the hazardous nature of my online job of helping moderate the internet's largest website for alternative topics and my constant exposure to conspiracy theories, I felt the need to find some protection. After searching Etsy, I found a very cute tin foil hat by by However while very stylish it doesn't offer full protection from invasive mind control attempts or from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Being unable to find suitable protection for those long hours of exposure to conspiracies of all sort, I made my own protective headgear.

Made from heavy duty Reynold's Aluminum Foil wrap and Duck brand duct tape in chrome and regular gray, this hat is surprisingly durable. It can be custom ordered from my Etsy Store for the low price of only $20.12 USD. Get yours before the 2012 Rush!!!

For more information of tin foil hats and why you should consider wearing one, please have a look here


  1. What a riot you are Glee!!! Lovin' the 2012 hat!!

  2. LOL! You're tooooo funny!!!!! and the hat is amazingly stylish! hahaha

  3. hi,where can we buy this perfect hat please? i'm very interested.