Branching Out

 Perhaps it is the change of season, but the winds of change have touched me and I am branching out beyond Etsy and into the world of Artfire and other ecommerce venues.  My final goal is eventually have my own fully operational website and I am working diligently towards achieving that goal.  I will continue to have an Etsy presence but will more than likely be changing the focus and goals of my shop as I establish my presence elsewhere.  My motives for having an online business remains the same and that is to have an outlet to sustain my creative endeavors.  I will continue to create quality handmade items with you my family, friends and customers in mind.  My loyalty will always be to you, not the service that I pay to help us stay connected.  Thank you all for traveling with me on my journey.

Please visit my new Artfire Studio where I will be listing
And don't forget to visit my Etsy Shop while it goes through it's transformation

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  1. Hi Gleeza!

    I will add your ArtFire link to my Twitter Tree link on the left sidebar on my blog.