Miami Broward Carnival 2010

There is no better place for Carnival than in South Florida. Carnival is celebrated throughout most of the Caribbean islands and several South American countries and what better place to have probably the last Carnival of the year than in South Florida where the people and cultures of all these nations unite. Carnival is not unique to the Caribbean, but no one does it better than Caribbean people. Carnival in the islands is lengthy affair, with parties for several nights which all lead up to final parade.

Here in South Florida, Carnival is traditionally held the weekend before Columbus Day. It's a very unique experience with multicultural and multiracial harmony unlike anything one might be accustomed to. Steelpan and Soca music mixed with Reggae, Spanish, and Indian, can all be heard at Carnival. You can also get a taste of all these cultures too with a wide array of delicious foods like jerk chicken, curry, roti, conch salad, tropical fruits and numerous snack items.

Most people attend carnival to see the floats and costumes, which can be described as anything from beautiful and sexy to gaudy and raunchy.  The sexy, funny and crazy dancing is also a highlight.  I really applaud those who participate in this type of event, it takes alot of stamina to march in our heat and then breakout in your wildest, craziest and most energetic dance at the end of the parade in front of the judges.  Here's a taste of the 2010 Miami Broward Carnival.

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