Saturday Night Musings

It's been a long and productive day.  I did a bit of sewing, painting and crocheting.  I've had this idea to make a Christmas Plum Pudding Hat  for a while now, but only got around to making it today.  I also have an idea for a few more holiday oriented sweet treats, but not sure when I'll get around to making those.

Now for the rest of my thoughts on today, I'm grateful that Hurricane Tomas spared Haiti the worst, but the flooding rains have increased the threat of cholera and other water borne diseases.  Please don't forget to contribute to a charity that supports Haiti Relief.

Fall has also finally arrived in South Florida today.  We awoke to temperatures in the 50's this morning and our highs were in the 60's all day.  It's a nice refreshing change but I hope it doesn't get much colder than this. 

Also in other news, Blogger seems to have a glitch and  says I'm not following any blogs I hope that I have not lost a very extensive list of blogs that I regulary read because that would be, well..I don't won't even want to think about how mad I'll be.  I really hope this is a glitch and the next time I log in and out I'll find my list again.  Btw, has anyone else experienced this issue today or recently?


  1. I have that issue on and off. They will be back probably the next time you log in.

    Cute hat :)

  2. The hat is adorable!

    Blogger has the glitch from time to toime. They will show up again. It's sccarey isn't it when they disappear! Happens on twitter too.

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. They've Returned!!! Yeah!!

    Thanks guys, it was fun to make.

    Christie, it is VERY SCARY!!!!

  4. Just wanted to say your crochet owls and earrings are adorable.