My Grandmother's Memory Quilts

I've been mentioning in various posts over the year that I was working on Memory Quilts made from the dresses of my grandmother.  My grandmother also known as my Nanie was a vibrant and colorful woman and her clothes reflected her personality.  Bright colors, patterns and florals were her favorites as well as the color blue.  Many of her dresses were handmade by herself and my mom, and others that were store bought were also altered by hands.  The process of deconstructing her dresses was the hardest part of the process.  It was during the deconstructing process that emotions and memories surfaced, however once that part was over, I was able to progress with the cutting and sewing with a much emotional stable mindset.  When my Nanie was alive, I had conversations with her telling her of my intentions and plans for dresses and I hope she is pleased with the results of those long ago chats.  I also hope that the quilts provide comfort, solace and pleasant memories for my mom and aunt.
I would like to thank Beth Anderson of Sew Bee It for her machine quilting and help making these quilts a cherished heirloom for years to come. 


  1. They're absolutely beautiful! You should be proud of yourself. :)

  2. I think they turned out just beautiful and she would be pleased.


  3. thank you :)
    I'll be making more in 2011, this time for myself and few special cousins.

  4. Thses are wonderful Gleeza! Your Mom and Aunt will cherish them.