My Garden After a Chilly Winter

Early January was extremely cold in South Florida and quite a few of my plants were bothered by the frosty temperatures. Even though I attempted to cover quite a few of them, there was definite frost damage to some of the more tropical plants. However some of my plants seemed to have enjoyed the chill and are doing quite well now. All of my containerized citrus trees, Key lime, Persian lime and Meyer lemon are in full bloom and have already set some fruit. My mango tree is also in full bloom, hope to get fruit this year.
Ice Cream Mango
Persian Lime
Meyer Lemon
My square foot garden is also doing well, I've been harvesting radishes and lettuce is ready. I alternated planting so that the lettuce and spinach will be ready at different times and I am not overwhelmed with too much of any one thing.
Square Foot Garden
In my square foot garden I currently have growing: radishes, chives, two types of spinach and lettuce, cilantro, parsley, scallions, tomato, carrots, yellow onions and nasturium. All were started from seeds except the cilantro which was store bought and the scallions which were started from grocery store cuttings.


  1. What a lovely garden. I live just south of Tampa/St. Pete and my yard looks like the aftermath of a slash and burn amazon farmer !
    But yes my tiny Meyers Lemon and my Persian Lime is doing okay, amazingly enough. :)
    Saw your post on the etsy forums about blog following. Love your blog and glad I found it, I'm following your blog now.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so admirable that you've got all these! I made a garden at the beginning of the summer last year, it consisted of cherry tomatoes, green peppers, sugar snap peas, squash and a sad bunch of cantelopes. But how delightful to have a mango tree! That must be heaven.

  3. Thanks! I've yet to get a mango from my tree, one of the trees lost all of it blooms, but the other is still in bloom and I think I see little baby mango forming, I hope they make it.