Will It Be Worth the Wait?

Two Summers ago, I ate a very sweet pineapple bought from the grocery store. Being that it was one of the sweetest I've ever eaten, i decided to try to grow it. Starting it in a recycled glass spaghetti sauce jar, it set out roots quickly and I planted it into a container. For two years, I've watered and watch my pineapple plant grow in size. Early this year I decided to transplant it from it's smaller container to a larger one and within weeks I had new growth and baby pineapple started to grow. Here is my little pineapple, I hope it will as sweet as it's parent.

Why don't you try to grow one this summer?
How to Grow Pineapple

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  1. Oh my, looks delish! When I was in Belize I visited a pineapple farm and never imagined the plant looked like this. I bet your pineapple will be the sweetest ever because of the care you took to grow it.:)