Apples, Potatoes and Carrots

It's been very hot and humid in South Florida this past week, temperatures are in the 90's, triple digit heat index and daily thunderstorms. In my garden the tropical plants seem unphased but others well they tend to look wilted, like I do by the end of the day. The potato plants I had started from cupboard potatoes were dried up and the carrots were a week past their harvest date, so I had to pull them up.

While checking my other container plants, I noticed that one of my columnar apple trees is bearing fruit. When I purchased these trees early 2009, I had no idea if I would actually get them to fruit. I know apple trees in general require a certain number of chill days and wasn't sure if South Florida would get cold enough in our "winter" to allow fruiting, but it looks like it was a cold winter in deed. I now hope my apples survive the heat and humidity we are currently experiencing.


  1. I hope YOU survive the heat and humidity too! This is going to be our first summer since moving to Texas and I'm already melting in the heat....

    I stumbled across your blog in an etsy forum and I'm your newest follower!

  2. I'm impressed with your harvest! Your carrots look great - we haven't had much luck with them yet. I don't know what type of apples those are but our apples hold up well to the intense heat we have in Arizona.

  3. Thank you for following Sarah, wait till mid August!!!! eek!!!!

    Good to know Finley&Oliver, I'm not sure of what type they are, just that they are columnar and can be grown in containers.

  4. saw your blog in the forum and here i am! another follower of yours :)

    I am always mesmerized by the idea of planting in my own backyard, which is impossible for me since I live in singapore, a place full of flats! not to mention hot and humid too. (but i still love my country!)