Stupid Socks!!!

Haha, yep stupid socks!!  I started knitting my first pair of stocks two weeks ago with lots of enthusiam, however that enthusiam has waned.  First, let's just say working with 4 double point needles isn't the easiest thing to do and I had to pick up dropped stitches several times.  Next came the issue of the pattern.  The picture of the socks on the pattern is nothing like the what the actual sock from the pattern is, meaning the sock in the image shows a shaped heel, however the directions in the pattern does not call for any heel shaping.  This sock is also an all over ribbed pattern.  Once I realized that sock I was knitting was going to look nothing like the sock in the image I sort of lost interest and moved on to other projects.  I will still finish this pair of socks, however it will be for myself and it will be at a much slower place.  Here it is as of this week, on it's way to 16.5 inches before toe shaping begins.


  1. I love the colors in your socks! When things aren't turning out as they should, it does put a damper on the motivation for the project. The sock looks great to me...and I thinks you are awesome for trying it!

  2. i also love the color :)
    sometimes it is a bit difficult to follow a pattern - at least it is for me
    best is without any pattern