I Made Cakes for Steve Aoki

Last year December,  DreamWave Entertainment gave me the opportunity to make cakes for the Awesome Steve Aoki.  You see, Steve Aoki likes Cake.  He likes cakes so much he uses them in all of his performances.  People come to his shows with signs asking Steve Aoki to cake them.  Steve happily obliges and tosses Cake on to his adoring fans.  When I first learned about this, I was worried that someone could possibly get hurt by my cake, so I decided to make Angel Food Cake and use Whipped Cream for the frosting.  These are my cakes made for the DreamWave Entertainment Presents Steve Aoki at Club Cinema December 13, 2012.  You can check out Steve Aoki in action with my cakes in the slideshow below:

You can also check out clips from the actual DreamWave event at Club Cinema of Steve Aoki performing here and see him actually cake someone!!!

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