I've decided to Blog

It's been quite a while since I blogged and I felt it was about time I get with the program again and start sharing. I've been sharing my recipes online as well as my gardening adventures, but the site where I share this stuff, well it's a conspiracy website and really isn't the outlet for my creative side, instead it's where I go to post my opinions on every topic under the sun, from ufo's, ghosts, 9/11, War in Iraq, elections, 2012 and current events and even my creative writings. That all being said, I now plan to use this blog to share the crafty and creative side of me, as well as express whatever other random thoughts and interests I may have.

I plan on blogging about several areas of special interest to me and hopefully to you too.
I love to crochet and have quite a few vintage patterns that are easy and fun. I also enjoy decorative and tole painting, as well as sewing. When I am not in my craft room, I love spending time in the kitchen, baking and cooking and trying new recipes. And when it's not too hot, I love spending time in my container garden, trying to do the impossible and grow edibles in pots.

I am also a huge fan of Bollywood, the indian movie industry and that area may also play a role in my blogging journey. As for anything alternative, conspiracy and current event related, well like I said before, you can find my posting my opinions on my favorite site on the web, AboveTopSecret

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