Off to a Slow Start

It's been tough, trying to manage my time and to be brutally honest, I've been lazy, however today is a new day and every day is an opportunity to start fresh. With that being said, I am going to try to set up a schedule in which I can be able to give ALL of my interests the time they need and deserve. On my schedule will of course be time alotted to blogging, visiting , gardening, crocheting and crafting. Hopefully I will still find time to keep the house clean, make meals, help with homework and all the other obligations I currently have in my life.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, I have to make time for some tv watching, especially since FOX has a new show called Glee!!! Looks interesting, I missed it last night but recorded it on the dvr only to find that FOX is showing it again tomorrow night at 9pm. So tomorrow this Glee will watch some Glee, hope it lives up to it's wonderful name.

As for tonight, the obvious choice is CW's Supernatural. I love this show and the crazy adventures these two hunks go on to save the world.

Btw as total random fact, did you know there is a gum called Glee Gum? How cool is that!.

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