Say Hello to My Little Friend Part 2

When we last saw Mario, he was waiting patiently in my garden while I worked on Luigi. Luigi who couldn't wait to be reunited with Mario urged me to hurry up and give him his vision, so as soon as the surgery was complete, he rushed to the garden to find his brother.
Where is Mario?
Mario who had heard that his brother was on the way, loved to play pranks, so he hid and sneaked up quietly behind Luigi..
Mario!! Luigi!!!
The brothers were very happy to be reunited. Now that they were together, they were ready to set off on a great adventure across a big pond to land where people spoke English funny.

If you read my earlier entry, you'll know I've been trying out these wonderful patterns by blogger and Etsian Linda Potts, who has blog, wolfdreamer's blog that offers many great patterns for free and an Etsy store where she sells some of her patterns. I urge all crocheters to visit Linda Potts blog and store, you'll love her designs.


  1. They are so cute! What talent you have!!!

  2. lol i think its you that speak funny english :D

    i love them thankyou so much!!!

  3. haha, i'll have to agree, plus Americans speak English with so many funny regional accents too.

    kelly, thank you, but all the credit goes to the Patternmaker Linda Potts, I'm just good at following directions :)

  4. They really are cute.

    As for Americans, many don't even realize there are so many regional accents. I am american, but I constantly get asked what country I'm from because of the way I speak.

  5. Very cute!! My son is a Mario Nut!!

    Audrey aka AudreyGardenLady at etsy