Say Hello to my Little Friend

A friend who has little boys who are into Mario Brothers asked me if I could crochet a Mario doll. What a great idea for a christmas gift, these little boys are going to love their crocheting aunt in Florida! Yeah I could do it, I thought to myself, I did make those cute creepy crochet ninjas, monkey and spartan, how hard could a Mario be?
But first I would need to find a pattern.. I wondered if such a pattern even existed. As I typed it into google, the results came up and when I clicked, I was amazed to find that a very talented Etsian, Linda Potts had actually created the most adorable fan art crochet projects for Pokemon, Mario Bros. and other cute dolls. Wolfdreamer's Blog is a wonderful blog for crocheters who like to make things just for the fun of it. There are so many FREE and adorable patterns to try and I want to try them all. There is also great collection of Christmas dolls patterns in Wolfdreamer's Etsy Store

Okay so pattern found, I rushed to get started, the pattern was easy to follow, I had to use stitch markers to keep track of the rounds, but soon I had a bunch of little pieces that when put together made up this totally cute Mario!!
Mario and One Up Mushroom Waiting in the Garden
Of course I couldn't stop at Mario, I had to make one these cute little mushroom guys and then how could I have Mario go through life all alone, I had to make Luigi. So while Luigi was being put together in my guest room/craft room, Mario and his mushroom friend made themselves at home in my garden.


  1. I just love it Gleeza you did an Awesome Job
    Wooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo Bravo !!!!

  2. Thanks :) I had fun making him, btw I fixed all my bad grammar and spelling errors, hope no one noticed... lol

  3. Very cool! And he looks so authentic :-)