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It may be a hot trend now for some, but Rastafarian colors have always been in style and will continue to be in style for years and years to come. Hats, bags, tee shirts, jewelry, sneakers have all been touched by the Rasta colors. Made popular by Bob Marley, and the export of Jamaican culture worldwide, this trend is no trend and will always have its followers.
Elle Magazine Trend Report Rastafarian Clothing

What does the Green, Gold and Red represent?
The Rastafarian colours of red, gold and green (sometimes also including black) are very commonly sported on Rastafarian flag, badges, posters etc. It is suggested that they originate from the red, black and green of the Marcus Garvey movement, in combination with the gold of the Jamaican flag, and/or in reference to the colours of the Ethiopian flag. Red is said to signify the blood of Black Jamaican martyrs, green the lushness of the Ethiopan and/or Jamaican countryside, and gold the wealth of Africa. Source
Rasta colors however do not just appeal to Rastafarians and Jamaicans, many Caribbean, West Indians and Africans also relate the red, gold and green. The colors are featured in many flags including that of my birth nation of Guyana.

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