Hurricane Season 2010 Begins

Today June 1st is the official start to the Atlantic Hurricane season for 2010.
NOAA Expects Busy Atlantic Season
With predictions of an active season with 14-23 named storms, now is the time to prepare before an actual storm threatens. If you live in a hurricane prone area such as Florida, you should already know the basics of keeping supplies on hand as well as having adequate protection for your windows and doors. However being that South Florida has not been significantly impacted since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, hurricane amnesia has probably set in already for many. Why wait on long lines and scrambling with others for limited items? When a storm threatens, the last thing you should be doing is running around trying to find shutters, plywood, food and batteries. There are many things we can do now before a storm even threatens that will help alleviate the stress and anxiety of hurricane season and keep us prepared for whatever disaster may come our way. Here are a few of my suggestions:

Check the exterior of your home for any cracks, crevices and openings, fill them up with chaulk. Clean your yard of any accumulated junk that may become flying debris. Make any exterior repairs that could cause your home to become vulnerable to high winds and rains.

If you have attached shutters, check that they open and close properly. If you do not have shutters, start buying plywood now, even if it is enough for only one window at a time. It is not the best option but it may be the only affordable option for many. How to Make Plywood Hurricane Shutters
And remember Duct Tape is useless during a hurricane!

Locate and check the batteries on your flashlights. Make sure there is a flashlight for each person in your household. Stock up on batteries for other equipment you may also have such as radios, clocks and games.

Check out the camping section in your big box stores, look for items that will help make life without electricity more bareable. Portable gas stoves, battery operated fans, mosquito repellent are just a few of the items in the outdoors/camping section that would be useful after a hurricane. You may also want to pick up a tarp, it can be used in numerous ways including proving temporary shelter.

Buy Water, Canned Foods, Candies and non perishables now. Don't wait till the storm threatens to buy these items, look for sales at your local grocery stores and buy an extra item every time you shop. Not only will you get the choice and selection you want you'll also be less likely to feel it in your purse when you buy on sale.

These are just a few suggestions and reminders, I'll post a more detailed list of recommendations on another day, but to get you started, check out our these links:
The Basics
Remember a hurricane is not a dot on the map, it has the potential to affect those inland as much as it does those living on the coast. Let's hope that the 2010 Hurricane season is uneventful, but in case it isn't, I would rather be prepared wouldn't you? Be prepared and Be Accountable for yourself and family
See what happening in the tropics here:
The National Hurricane Center


  1. Great advice and here's hoping it's a mild hurrican season!!

  2. hoping its not to wild for you gleeza or here the outer banks gets alot of fl left overs