Fall and Halloween Decorating

I love to decorate for the seasons.  I change curtains, I switch up floral displays, change the tablecloth, just little things, to get my home into the spirit of the season.  For Fall I change my linen curtains to a rusty copper color which reminds me of orange leaves.  I add autumn leaf garlands on my table and anywhere I think need a splash of color.  Of course outside is where the real fun is, every year I try to add something new to the collection of yard decor.  I love the grave breaker characters normally would have all over my lawn if I could, but the lawn service guy doesn't appreciate having to be extra careful around my decoration so I try to keep them confine to manageable area near the front porch.  After Halloween, I will remove the scary stuff and replace them with scarecrows while keeping the fall foliage and pumpkins to continue into the Thanksgiving Holidays.


  1. Are those pics of all your decorations? Really nice!! Do you wanna come decorate my house. I do for xmas only and that's it. I'm boring, lol!

  2. Thanks Kelly! Yep that's all my stuff at my house :) and I'd love to but only when it's warm :P