Save A Chair - Part Two

Years ago, I picked this lovely Martha Stewart club chair in Kmart on clearance.  It soon became a favorite chair among the family members and the years of love and comfort it provided took it's toll.  Juice and soda spills and lots greasy little hands prints made this chair unsightly.  The poor chair had to be hidden in corner of the new house, covered in an ill fitting store bought chair cover.  It was still everyone's favorite chair but no one wanted to look at it or sit in it anymore.  I was too attached to get rid of it, so I decided it was time to Save A Chair again!

Referring back the original Save A Chair entry in 2010, you'll notice something familiar.  Yes!! I still had left over fabric!! So with an allen wrench, a staple gun, scissors and my husband's strength and patience with me, we recovered the old chair with the familiar orange fabric that I love so much.

We took the chair apart with an allen wrench and cleaned it to the best of our ability.
I really did not want to sew, so with very careful folding and lots of staples, I recovered each part individually before putting it back together.


  1. Both chairs look great!
    Do you wanna come to my house and tackle some furniture? LOL!

  2. I would love to Kelly!! As long as it is in the Summer :P