I Survived Another Prophesied Doomsday

As you must know by now, something crazy was supposed to happen today on December 21st, 2012.  What exactly was to happen, well no one knows for sure, there were several theories floating around internet, from rogue planets to aliens, comets, blackholes, and pole shifts to name a few.  Let me just put it this way, there wasn't a shortage of doom to be had.  All of this doom and gloom was attributed to Mayan prophecy and a calendar that counted thousands of years into the future which supposedly ended today.  Well as most of you have noticed by now, nothing out of the ordinary has happened on a global scale and the day is almost over,  so relax, get out of your bunkers, put up the Christmas tree, wrap those presents for all the loved ones you are fortunate enough to spend another holiday season with, live your life to the fullest and spend, live, experience everyday as if it is your last. 

But wait, you still want to know what happens next?  Why were the Mayans wrong?  Why didn't the world change as we know it?  Well not sure how the Mayans could be wrong since the Mayans never predicted the End of the world!  The Mayans calculated the end of an age, a cyclical calendar of sorts which just happens to restart today, kind of like our New Years but on a much grander scale of time.  Our lives change on daily basis and each morning gives birth to new day, this winter's solstice just happen to give birth to a new age according the Mayans, perhaps an age full of changes, but that is yet to be seen.  Read more about the Mayan Calendar here: Mayans Predict 63 Million more years

If you are of an open mind, then you may feel that this is the dawn of a new era, perhaps one where we change our world for the better, or maybe for the worse.  Regardless of how you look at the future know that it is within our capability to make our world either a better or worse place.  The Mayans perhaps gave us the gift of reflection to serve as a reminder that on a grand scale we do not have control of what events may or may not happen but we can control how we live, feel and react to those events and non events.  Do not wait for prophecies to change your life, enjoy it to the fullest with those you love, every day is a gift and therefore we should always live in the present!  Until the next doomsday, party like it's the last party on earth!!

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