January the Month of Cakes

I told myself that I would blog more this year and it looks like I'm failing!! I can't believe it's February already and I haven't added a single entry for this year yet!  What can I say... I've been busy and I've been lazy.  First off, Happy 2013!! We made it thru 2012!!  I'm going to try to play catch up and fill you in on what I've been doing and hopefully get around to at least one entry a month.  January came and went pretty quickly. For me it was Birthday month, also my husband's birthday, nephews, and cousins all celebrated birthday in January.  In January we also welcomed a new nephew into the world, and we remembered the passing of my beloved Grandmother Iris.

Week Two: First Cake, Lemon was At Home Practice
 In January I started taking the Wilton's Cake Decorating Course at my local Michaels store.  Every Monday for four weeks, I attended a two hour class where I learned tips, tricks and techniques to decorate a beautiful cake.  At the beginning of the course, I didn't think I would be able to make a pretty cake like the one shown in the booklet, but as you will see, over the four weeks, anything is possible and I did it!  We learned to make Buttercream Icing from scratch and then used it throughout the course to decorate our cupcakes and cakes.

Week Three: Floral Cupcakes

With this course and any new craft learned, practice is key.  Practice is not only fun it's quite delicious and I made quite a few cupcakes and cakes, thankfully I was able to pass my creations to my family and their friends, so I didn't have eat all the sweets by myself.  As you can see with just four classes and a bit of practice at home, you too can create something just as pretty.  I highly recommend the Wilton's Cake Decorating class!  You can sign up at your local craft store such as Michaels, JoAnns or ACMoore.

Week Four: A Pretty Decorated Cake

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