How to Embed a SlideShow into your Blog Post

Google and Picasa makes it so Easy!
I was asked by a friend who is new to blogging to explain how I added a slideshow to my recent blogpost with pictures from my NY trip so instead of only helping her, I thought I would share with everyone. It's a very simple process and you'll wonder why you haven't used it before.

1) If you're on Blogger you automatically have a Picasa account. Go to Picasa, log in and:
"Create a New Album"
2)Add and Upload all the images you want to include in your slideshow
3)Look to the right hand side for "Link to this Album" and click
A drop down menu will appear,
4)Click "Embed SlideShow" right click "select all and copy" the html code
5)Paste the code into an open blog post and blog as you normally would.
If you have an existing album on Picasa, just click "My Photos", open the album and click "Link to this Album" then "Embed Slideshow"

That's it!! Fairly simple!
Here's a slideshow made with a few items that I make to give you an idea of how fun and useful this tool can be. Use it on Facebook or Twitter or just share with friends and family by email.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I always wondered how people did that