A Whole New World

I've decided to start an entirely new blog dedicated to my gardening ventures.  My garden is my sanctuary.  It provides me with space to reflect and a place to lose myself.  I enjoy planting, nurturing and inevitably enjoying the fruits of my labor.  So with my passion still in tact, I felt it was time to give my garden it's own little space on the web.  Please have a look and become a reader, I promise to share tips that will help you in your regardless of where your garden is located.

Please visit my newest blog and become a reader:


  1. Awesome! I love gardening too! Spring and gardening is a nice thought as we have about two feet of snow here! I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. I'm another gardener over here! ;-) I'm sure gardening in NE Ohio is a lot different than gardening in Florida!

  3. I feel your gardening blues my Northern friends, we are fortunate enough to be able to garden almost year round. I hope my posts will help you look forward to your own gardening activities whenever the snow melts :)